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How Does CBSA Manage Importer Trade Compliance?

The CBSA manages trade compliance with the Tariff Classification, Valuation, and Origin programs using the following two post-release verification processes:

1. Random verifications

Random verifications are designed to measure compliance rates and revenue loss and the results may be used for many purposes, including:

  • risk assessment
  • revenue assessment
  • promoting voluntary compliance

2. Verification priorities

Targeted verification priorities are determined through a risk-based, evergreen process, meaning that new targets are added throughout the year. Verification priorities may also be carried over from previous years. Current verification priorities are:

Tariff Classification:

Furniture for non-domestic purposes (Round 3)
Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 94.01 and 94.03

Batteries (Round 3)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 85.06

Footwear ($30 or more per pair) (Round 4)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 64.03

Articles of apparel and clothing accessories (Round 3)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 39.26

Articles of plastics (Round 3)
Harmonized System Number(s): Subheading 3926.90

Parts of lamps (Round 3)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 94.05

Pasta (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 19.02

Cell phone cases (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 39.26, 42.02 and 85.17

Olive oil (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 15.09 and 15.10

Pickled vegetables (Round 4)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 20.01

Gloves (Round 2 – new)
Harmonized System Number(s): Headings 39.26 and 42.03

Safety headgear (Round 4)
Harmonized System Number(s): Subheading 6506.10

Bags (Round 2 – new)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 42.02

Import permit numbers (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Chapters 2 and 4

Other mountings and fittings, suitable for furniture
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 83.02

Air heaters and hot air distributors (Round 2 – new)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 73.22

Flashlights and miners’ safety lamps (Round 2 – new)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 85.13

Stone table and counter tops (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 94.03

Disposable and protective gloves (Round 4)
Harmonized System Number(s): Subheadings 3926.20 and 4015.19

Parts of machines and mechanical appliances
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 84.79

Other chemical products
Harmonized System Number(s): Heading 38.24


Apparel (Round 3)

Harmonized System Number(s): Chapters 61 and 62

Footwear (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Chapter 64


Bedding and drapery (Round 2)
Harmonized System Number(s): Various goods of Headings 63.01, 63.02 and 63.03

Further details on these items can be found here.

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